These terms and conditions apply to your purchase from us via this Website. You acknowledge that you are fully aware of the contents of these terms and conditions and, on placing any purchase order for any products, you agree to be bound by and accept these terms and conditions.

1. Definition

(i) “Customer” means a person who orders Product(s) via this Website;

(ii) “Product(s)” means any products listed as shopping items on this Website;

(iv) “Seller” means odv-gbsc.com - located at:

Unit 501, 5/F, Goodluck Industrial Centre, 808 Lai Chi Kok Road, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong

(v) “Website” or “this Website” means www.odv-gbsc.com 

2. Placing an Order

The information contained on this Website constitutes an invitation to treat. No information on this Website constitutes an offer by Seller to supply any Product(s).

By placing an order via this Website, the Customer makes an offer to purchase the Product(s) he or she has ordered on these terms and conditions. Seller may or may not accept the Customer's offer at the Seller's absolute discretion.

Upon receipt of the Customer’s order, Seller will verify the availability of the Product(s) and the Customer’s credit card or other payment details. Seller has not accepted the Customer’s offer and is not obliged to supply the Product(s) until Seller has shipped the Product(s) and sent an order confirmation to the Customer by email.

3. Supply of Product(s)

Subject to these terms and conditions, Seller may agree to supply the Customer with the Product(s) as specified in the Customer’s order form submitted to Seller via this Website.

When Product(s) have been shipped pursuant to the Customer’s order, Seller will email the Customer to confirm shipment.

The pictures showing the Product(s) in this Website may not be identical to the Product(s) as shipped to the Customer. The Seller shall have the right to supply the Product(s) which do not correspond to the pictures appearing in this Website, provided that the said Product(s) perform substantially the same function as described in this Website.

Seller shall have the right to make substitutions and modifications of the specification of the Product(s) ordered by the Customer, provided that such substitutions or modifications will not materially affect the overall performance of the Product(s) or the type of Product(s) ordered by the Customer.

4. Price and Payment

Pricing of Product(s) shall be the price as stipulated on this Website at the time when the Customer places an order with Seller.

All prices are shown in United States Dollars exclusive of value added tax (VAT) and shipping costs. The United States Dollars, British Pounds and Euros are the only acceptable payment currencies. Other currencies are listed for reference purposes only.

Upon placing an order with Seller, the Customer shall provide to Seller his or her valid credit card number and other billing information as requested by the Website. Seller will usually charge the credit card on shipment of the Product(s). For other payment methods, such as PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union or bank transfer payment, the Seller will charge the Customer upon confirmation of the order or prior to shipment.

Seller will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of Customer's order and payment secure but Seller cannot be held liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorized access to information provided by the Customer.

5. Delivery

Product(s) will be delivered to the delivery address provided by the Customer. Seller will use its discretion in selecting a reputable carrier and appropriate means of delivery.

Risk of loss and damage of Product(s) passes to the Customer on the date when the Product(s) is/are despatched by Seller to the carrier.

Inquiry about lost parcels should be reported after the estimated delivery time depending from the date of dispatch in the tracking site, otherwise, the parcel will be considered lost and no refund/replacement will be given. This is in compliance with our partner service's restriction in terms of delivery investigations. e.g., Economy Service should be reported within 7-20 business days.

Any dates quoted by Seller for the delivery of Product(s) are estimates only and shall not form part of the contract. Seller aims to deliver promptly, however, delays are occasionally inevitable due to unforeseen factors. Seller shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to deliver the Product(s) within the estimated delivery time.

Seller will not be responsible for any tariffs, customs restrictions, customs clearance, or other regulations that apply in countries outside Hong Kong. It is the responsibility

If an order shipment is un-deliverable/returned, the Product(s) ordered by the Customer will be returned to the Seller at the Customer’s expense which includes delivery charges. The returned Product(s) can be sold to other customers and the Seller shall have no obligation to reserve or re-deliver the returned Product(s) to the Customer.

If an order has been cancelled, a refund will automatically be processed the following business day. Please note that depending on the processing time of the payment provider, refunds may take up to 30 business days to show up on your account.

Special arrangement for shipments to Brazil/U.A.E:

The above local Authority now requires all imported goods to document the following identification numbers CPF (for a natural person) or CNPJ (for a legal person) or identity card number.
It is the user’s responsibility to provide the correct information. If incorrect, the parcel may not be able to clear the customs in Brazil/U.A.E countries and will be returned to us. In such occurrence, any additional fee (shipping and tax) will be charged to the user and no refund will be provided by odv-gbsc.

6. Returns and Refunds

Subject to Clause 6.4 below, no Product(s) shall be returned to the Seller unless:

Upon satisfactory return of the Product(s) to the Seller, replacement Product(s) will be shipped to the Customer if the Seller is satisfied that the Product(s) returned by the Customer is defective after suitable tests and inspections by the Seller. If the replacement Product(s) is not available, a refund of the product price only will be made to the Customer. If the product is damaged, or faulty before leaving the Sellers warehouse, the re-shipping cost will be refunded or will be shouldered by the Seller.

Please note that the perfect condition of product packaging upon arrival is not guaranteed. Advice will be given in such cases.

If the seller is not satisfied that the returned Product(s) is defective, the Seller will deliver the returned Product(s) to the Customer at the Customer’s own cost.

Software, video or audio discs that have already been opened are excluded from any return unless they are faulty. The Seller shall have no responsibility regarding compatibility issues and it is for the Customer to ensure that his/her computer, video/audio player is compatible with the software, video or audio discs as ordered.

(a) the Product(s) in question is defective;

(b) the Customer has completed and filed a Request for Return Form (showing the order ID and other identifying numbers) with the Seller;

(c) the Product(s) sought to be returned by the Customer was ordered by the Customer via this Website, within 6 months prior to the date the Customer submitted a Request for Return Form;

(d) the Seller has notified the Customer by email that the Customer may return the Product(s) to the Seller;

(e) the Product(s) is returned in a clean and well-packaged condition; and

(f) the Customer returns the Product(s) at his/her own expense which will include any customs duties or taxes.

7. Digital Products

Because of the nature of digital products, we are not able to know the identity of the person who ultimately redeems the code. We are unable to check if a code has been redeemed or not without redeeming it.

For each order we ship, we track the day and the time at which the code was seen by the customer. Codes are guaranteed, provided they have not been seen by the customer. Once codes have been viewed, we bare no responsibility, nor can we guarantee the validity of the codes.

Digital Delivery

Codes purchased will be delivered directly to our Customers odv-gbsc account. To reveal the code, please reference to order details page. Once the digital code is provided, the Customer accepts and receives delivery of the digital code. The IP-Address used will be logged in our record for this purpose.


We understand that there may be times where errors are encountered with digital products. With this, we need to ask for the following:

1. Screenshot of the code entered

2. Screenshot of the error encountered

Once the information has been received, an investigation will commence within 5 business days.

Please note that this is approximate and may take longer depending on the complexity and nature of the code.

After the investigation: If the error with the code is confirmed, a refund or replacement will be given.

For redeemed codes issues: If the code has been redeemed after the code has been seen by the customer, this is considered as used and we are afraid that we cannot offer a refund or replacement.

Errors on codes must be reported to odv-gbsc within 45 days of the date of purchase. There will be no refund or replacement for any error reported to us more than 45 days after purchase.

Region Locked Products

Most digital products are region locked and require the end-user to have the correct account to redeem them; for example, an iTunes Japan card can only be redeemed on a Japanese iTunes account. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that the code purchased is valid for his/her account being used. Region locks are stated in the product description. Refunds or replacements may not be available for issues concerning Region Lock.

Expired Codes

Customers should redeem the codes immediately upon purchase. Any issues concerning code expiry may not be subject for a refund or replacement.

8. Changes

Seller reserves the right to update, revise or change these terms and conditions, the price of the Product(s) and any other information listed on this Website at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the Website and it is the Customer’s responsibility to read the terms and conditions and confirm the price of the Product(s) on each occasion when he/she uses this Website and the Customer’s continued use of the Website shall signify his/her acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.

9. Force Majeure

Seller shall not be liable for any delay or failure in its performance caused by or resulting from acts of God, fire, flood, accident, riot, war, government intervention, embargoes, strikes, labour difficulties, equipment failures, or any other causes beyond the control of Seller. Quantities are subject to availability. In the event of a shortage, Seller may allocate sales and deliveries at its sole discretion.

10. Intellectual Property

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that all copyright, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights in all materials and/or content made available as part of the Customer’s use of this Website shall remain at all times vested in Seller or its licensors. The Customer is permitted to use this material only as expressly authorized by Seller or its licensors.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the material and content contained within this Website is made available for their personal non-commercial use only and that they may only download such material and content for the purpose of using this Website. The Customer further acknowledges that any other use of the material and content of this Website is strictly prohibited and they agree not to (and agree not to assist or facilitate any third party to) copy, reproduce, transmit, publish, display, distribute, commercially exploit or create derivative works of such material and content.

The prices of the Product(s) paid by the Customer are for the Product(s) and the services described herein and do not include technical data, copyright, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights or proprietary rights of any kind subsisting in the Product(s) or their packaging.

11. Liability

All Product(s) provided in connection with this Website are on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Except as otherwise expressly agreed, Seller makes no representations, warranties, covenants or guarantees of any kind, express or implied, as to the quality, suitability, accuracy or completeness of any information, content, service, or merchandise provided through this Website. Customer expressly agrees that the use of this Website is at his or her sole risk.

To the full extent permissible by applicable law, Seller disclaims all express or implied conditions, representations and warranties, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability, non-infringement and fitness for a particular purpose.

Subject to this Clause, Seller will not be liable for any loss of income, loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of data or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind whatsoever arising and whether caused by tort, breach of contract or otherwise.

Subject to this Clause, Seller’s maximum aggregate liability whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise shall in no circumstances exceed the amount payable by the Customer to Seller in respect of the Product(s) in question.

12. Waiver/Invalidity

Failure of Seller to insist upon strict performance of any provisions hereof shall not be deemed a waiver of its right and remedies. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of these terms and conditions shall not adversely affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions.

13. Headings

The section headings used herein are for convenience or reference only and do not form a part of these terms and conditions, and no construction or inference shall be derived therefrom.

14. Entire Agreement

These terms and conditions including the documents or other sources referred to in these terms and conditions supersede all prior representations understandings and agreements between the Customer and Seller relating to the sale and purchase of the Product(s) ordered by the Customer.

15. Governing Law

These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Hong Kong. The parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hong Kong, being the place where the Customer's order/offer has been received/accepted.